Asus ROG Phone survives scratch and bend test with minor flex

Asus ROG Cellphone, the first gaming-centric smart phone from the Taiwanese company, was presented at Computex 2018 but went on sale only few weeks back again. With ROG Cellphone, Asus has shown its desires for game playing mobile phones and is only expected to increase initiatives in that space going forward.

The first version of ROG Cellphone has already won a lot of awards from players but the question has been whether it is resilient enough. The smartphone’s intricate use of steel and cup and the odd styles on the back again had brought up concerns whether it can endure fold analyze. If you are someone who concerned about falls or breaking the product then the solutions might be here.

YouTuber Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything route discovered that the ROG Cellphone can endure fold analyze and its show can hold up against scrapes quickly. However, it is amazing that Asus were able to support 90Hz renew amount without including any effects to the 6-inch AMOLED show. Razer Cellphone and Razer Cellphone 2 are the only mobile phones that assisting higher renew amount of 120Hz but they use LCD board and not AMOLED board.

Watch: Asus ROG Cellphone Strength Test

In the sturdiness analyze, it has been discovered that Asus ROG Phone‘s single front side camera and double back cameras are handled by cup, which defends it against rotor blades or important factors. The unusually formed finger marks indicator on the back again is also secured by cup. The top, bottom and sides of the product are metallic and the plastic bbq grill has lemon capable stuck in a way that it won’t drop out quickly.

Asus ROG Cellphone First Impressions: At Rs 69,999, targeted at serious smart phone gamers
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Asus ROG Cellphone First Impressions: At Rs 69,999, targeted at serious smart phone gamers

Since ROG Cellphone is built using cup and steel, there were opportunities that it may not pass the curvature analyze. However, JerryRigEverything discovered that the smart phone quickly goes that analyze and generates minimal bend when you try to fold it from the top side. There is nothing to worry since the product and changes to its unique shape. It will be interesting to see what’s inside the double route birdwatcher chilling design of the ROG Cellphone.